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Winning Ways

Winning Ways

Shaza Hotels places great importance in its people because we believe that it is the people that can make a difference. They embody the Shaza Hotels’ values and ethics by delivering the Shaza Brand Promise to our guests and therefore making their stay memorable.

Our People Philosophy has been built around the following principle:

We want all of us to succeed. To win. To win the hearts of our guests. To win the expectations of our investors. To win our place in the society. To win awards in the industry.

Most of all to have our people to win in their own eyes, in the eyes of their families, their loved ones and in their own.

In order for our Colleagues to win:

  •         We provide an agreeable but dynamic work environment
  •         We provide in-depth trainings for them to become confident and excel at their work
  •         We follow up closely with our talents to ensure their growth within the company
  •         We tailor make best practices to individual needs
  •         We listen to all comments from our Colleagues