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Our Values

These values should drive us to achieve our goals and help us make the right everyday decisions.

  • Generosity: We believe that the essence of the Shaza Brand is in its people, offering humaneness, compassion and emotional generosity in everything we do.
  • Respect: We work with sincerity, integrity and fairness, respecting individuals in all their diversity and uniqueness.
  • Creativity: We look ahead, to develop new ideas in design and concepts, push the boundaries but act conscientiously.
  • Pride: We are proud of our heritage and to be a part of an entrepreneurial company, which we believe will leave its mark in the region and beyond.
  • Engagement: We are committed to engage with guests, owners and colleagues. We work with passion and zeal.
  • Awareness: We are conscious and mindful of everything we do and aware of its impact on our surroundings.